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Occupational Therapy Parent Training Modules and Presentation

"Shantal Wright, an occupational therapy student from Jacksonville University collaborated with Therapy Plus and the Jamaica Autism Support Association (JASA) to develop a program to educate parents/caregivers on various skills, strategies and resources that can help them gain knowledge useful for children with autism.


The aim of the program was a parent train parent model. The student created virtual training modules as well as facilitated practical training sessions weekly to educate and train parents. Equipment was purchased by the JASA as a parent owned initiative, where the materials can be used repeatedly as parents train other parents.


The population served were parents/caregivers who find the cost of therapy difficult. The selection was based on their children’s confirmed diagnosis of autism spectrum disorder (ASD) who aged between 2-8 years with frequent attendance to the JASA meetings. The program developed will help families to become more proficient and independent of outside therapies as they support and train each other."

Jamaica Autism Support Association
Supporting. Informing. Advocating


You may download the presentation here

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Footage and Information from our Occupational Therapy Parent Training

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